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Aruba Products and Solutions

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Aruba’s portfolio of industry-leading wireless, wired, SD-WAN, security, and management solutions deliver the services that your organization depends on to create innovative digital experiences.

Aruba has repeatedly been recognized by third party analysts as a leader in Wi-Fi 6, switching, SD-Branch, and a visionary in Data Center Networking. The world’s largest companies rely on us to provide a secure, AI-powered edge services platform that spans across campus, branch, data center, and remote working environments for a single operational experience.

Aruba also allows customers to consume our portfolio using cloud networking, as software-as-a-service (SaaS), or as a network-as-a-service (NaaS) model.

Aruba’s portfolio of industry-leading wireless, wired, SD-WAN, security, and management solutions deliver the services that your organization depends on to create innovative digital experiences.

      • Access Points
      • Switches
      • Gateway&Controller
      • Network Management
      • SD Wan
      • Analytics & Assurance

Aruba Access Points

Aruba Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 5 access points (APs) provide enterprise-class connectivity for an optimized user experience.
As users connect to the network with a wide variety of devices, mobile first solutions that deliver simple, fast, and secure access whether indoors or out and meet or exceed Federal security policy guidelines and requirements.

Controllers and Gateways

Aruba controllers and gateways offer enterprise-class features that allow organizations to optimize Wi-Fi and Wired Segmentation experiences for end-users. Capabilities include high-performance traffic and data routing, IPSec tunnel termination for both VPN clients and site to site, role-based access, Per-User firewalling, Dynamic Segmentation.

Aruba Mobility Controller – Virtual Appliance

Deployed as a Virtual Appliance (VA), the Mobility Controller (MC-VA) runs on ArubaOS 8 and provides a flexible deployment alternative to hardware mobility controllers and gateways (72xx and 7xxx). The VA form factor allows deployment of Aruba WLAN and remote site capabilities on specialized hardware where size weight and power are of concern, often in the tactical environment.

Aruba Mobility Conductor – Virtual Or Hardware

A next generation WLAN orchestration platform that can be deployed as hardware or virtual appliances (VA). The Aruba Mobility Conductor provides orchestration of up to 10,000 Controllers and Access Points and management of up to 100,000 client devices. The Mobility Conductor features high availability with hitless failover in an unlikely event of a controller outage. It also supports live upgrades of managed devices with no downtime and automatic RF optimization for high density environments.

Switches Aruba

From small to large organizations, Aruba’s comprehensive switching portfolio includes solutions that are ideal for access, aggregation, core, and the data center. Next-gen Aruba CX (AOS-CX) switching software and portfolio with fixed ports or modular chassis that offer non-blocking speeds from 1GbE to 100GbE. This provides the flexibility to start with a needed port count and scale to full-density switches as you grow – all with the built-in automation and analytics that your business and IT team requires. Features include high resiliency redundant management, fabric, power, and fans and industry-standard high power PoE and HPE Smart Rate multi-gigabit ports.

Operations and Management

Aruba Central: Cloud and On-Premises Options

A modern microservices solution for intuitive, secure, and cost-effective multi-site management and operations of Aruba ESP infrastructure and software, which includes wired, wireless and SD-WAN components. Includes AIOps visibility, user and application optimization, SD-WAN orchestration, as well as options for managed guest access, presence and connectivity analytics.

Available per 1, 3, 5, 7 or 10-year subscriptions; licensed per managed network device.

Aruba User Experience Insight (UXI)

A cloud hosted network service assurance solution designed to find network and application issues, and provide troubleshooting and optimization guidance to improve the day-to-day user experience. With on-site sensors, UXI conducts synthetic network and application monitoring and testing from the edge to the cloud that is instantly viewable from a simple-to-use web dashboard.

Sensors are needed for on-premises use – per location or area.

      • G-Series: integrated Wi-Fi, Gigabit Ethernet, Cellular, and Bluetooth 5
      • F-Series: integrated Wi-Fi, Gigabit Ethernet, and Cellular

Available 1, 3, or 5-year subscriptions; licensed per managed sensor.

Aruba Airwave: ON-Premises

A traditional multivendor network operations system for enterprise-grade wired and wireless infrastructure management and monitoring. Includes granular app, RF, and connectivity analytics with insight that allows for streamlined and centrally managed troubleshooting and controls.

Available in hardware or virtual appliances; licensed per managed network device.


    • Enterprise-Class Security Solutions

Aruba Zero Trust Security

An integrated security framework for networking and security teams that provides visibility and network control, for the devices and users that connect from anywhere. Aruba combines security components across the campus, branch and cloud-connected network infrastructure for added security, advanced threat detection and response, and secure network access control. Protects millions of users and IoT devices, and the vast amounts of distributed data generated today.


    • Network Access Control (NAC)

Aruba Clearpass Policy Manager

Provides role and device-based network access control for employees, contractors and guests across any multivendor wired, wireless and VPN infrastructure. With a built-in context-based policy engine, RADIUS, TACACS+, Non-RADIUS enforcement options, device profiling, posture assessment, onboarding, and guest access options, ClearPass is unrivaled as a foundation for network security in organizations of any size.


    • Software VPN Client

Aruba Virtual Intranet Access (VIA)

Aruba VIA offers secure IPSec VPN connectivity to on-premises hosted services for end-users working from home or connecting from public or private WLANs. The VPN client is available for Android, iOS, Linux, MacOS and Windows platforms. Aruba VIA meets all security requirements for both unclassified and classified networks up to Top Secret in compliance with the CSfC program.


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