Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Business Continuity Solution Series

In an age when every business, functioning almost all the time and are very vulnerable to disturbances that cause businesses to a halt. Disruption of power can lead to loss of productivity, the shift of customers and a negative impact on revenue. In some cases even up to cause a drop in reputation and brand image.

Companies need services Business Continuity Management (BCM) are effective where it can reduce the disruption caused by social disaster (electrical, fire, riot) and natural disasters (earthquakes, floods). Business Continuity solution offers protection and security as well as compliance with regulations on the firm side.

AMT is a reliable vendor to provide Business Continuity solutions. This solution will provide added value to the overall IT Architecture of the Customer AMT, while protecting the business and provide business continuity assurance side of the user by applying Business Continuity procedure is good and right.

In the Business Continuity Management (BCM), the AMT grounded solutions given to international standards such as ISO 22301. AMT has a lot to have this experience in implementing BCM in some of our customers. The solutions that have been applied are:

  • Backup Recovery Strategy
  • Data Replication to remote site
  • System clustering solution
  • Deploy DR Facility and Data Center