Enterprise Mobility Management

Enterprise Mobility Management Solution

Enterprise Mobility Management Solution Series

Enterprise mobility directly increases productivity by utilizing email, word processing, CRM applications or BI applications available on mobile devices. IT process requires a solution that can optimize the power of mobility itself without compromising the user side, data security and privacy.

Solutions Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) forms a dynamic platform to manage mobility applications, devices, services and users, which have entered the stage EMM enterprise-ready so that secure and flexible. EMM flexibility makes it a perfect solution to manage mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets are safer than ever before.

EMM is now acting as a solution BYOD end-to-end / holistic and offers security, technology management, application management, system device until towards content management, coupled with features such as real-time reporting, self-service, management of alerts and remote access much to the data center.

Solution Series Enterprise Mobile Management is one of the latest Focus Solutions AMT, AMT will provide support for mobile solutions by providing products that are appropriate to their users.

With the change in the current corporate operations that take advantages of Mobile Solution including flexible and cost effective. Then the AMT will help every corporate to implement Mobile Solution appropriately trends affecting these solutions such as BYOD and BYOx.

AMT will prioritize EMM solution while also supporting mobile infrastructure solutions. Only part of Mobile Application is not a focus of AMT in Mobile Solution.

EMM will include:

  • Mobile device management
  • Mobile content management
  • Mobile application management
  • Mobile email management