Information Security

Information Security

Information Security Solution Series

Starting from the protection of infrastructure, data and applications, AMT is committed to protecting critical assets of the company. Protection against network also indirectly protect important information.

Solution of Information Security is implemented using a unique method that is focused on long-term partnership and belief systems are built on an ongoing basis. This is necessary because the solution of this series involves sensitive information from customers AMT, and only within the framework of kinship and trust is high, Information Security solutions can be implemented more effectively.

AMT believes the application of Information security is good not only protect the infrastructure, data and applications, but also improve overall business operations.

The implementation of this solution is supported by a variety of disciplines involved in Information Security include Compliance, data protection, application services, risk management, identity and access management, cyber security, mobility, cloud and BCP planning.

AMT provides IT Security solutions in all these customer AMT both the assessed technologies Big Data, Mobile and Cloud to the customer who has used the AMT and the use of these technologies.

IT Security solutions offered by AMT covers :

  • System Security
  • Data Security
  • Network Security
  • Managed Security Service
  • Advanced cyber threat intelligence
  • Application security services
  • Data security services
  • Emergency response services
  • Identity and access management
  • IT risk management
  • IT security governance
  • Industrial controls cybersecurity consulting
  • Mobile security services
  • Network security services
  • PCI security
  • Penetration testing services
  • Physical security services
  • Security compliance services</li
  • Smart and embedded device security
  • Threat management and analysis