Network Optimization

Network Optimization

Network Optimization Solution Series

Data traffic on the network are now more dynamic, reflecting changes in society to better interpersonal communication, business processing or connectivity when traveling. Mobile lifestyle requires qualified network technology to support it.

Network Optimization solution in the series provides comprehensive network services ranging from technology deployment, network transformation and optimization of network traffic, all of which guarantee end-user experience is optimal and the benefits felt by the operator Network.

Network Optimization solution series was originally aimed at building a network infrastructure that can be coupled with the cloud, social, mobile and analytics. This solution will be able to strengthen the existing network infrastructure so as to be more responsive, flexible, consolidated and supported virtualization environments.

AMT helps its customers achieve the network infrastructure that is simple, nimble, cost-effective and secure by implementing Network Optimization solutions. AMT professional service team can combine and translate business requirements into a complete network architecture, and reporting will produce clear and measurable recommendations.

Series on Network Optimization solution is part of the Network Infrastructure,

AMT separates this section to improve focus and customer service level to the AMT.

The focus of this solution would give better results where this strategy will impact the sales team strategy up to post sales AMT

Network Optimization solution of which is:

  • Application Delivery Controller
  • WAN Optimization
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Link Balancer
  • Network Monitoring System