Studyinc Student Portal

In this time, many parents work all day and have activities outside . They do not know how to monitor information from teachers, especially related their children at school. Not only that, sometimes parents are difficult to get information about the schedule announcement, the task of the school, the value of each subject of the child and all activity from school.

As technology and information continues to grow, the role of the school must be a leader as an educational institution who can bridge communication between schools, parents and students.

With technology, especially digital technology, parents no longer need to ignore their children during school activities. Moreover we make parents  no need to wait for a reply letter to communicate with the school. In addition, the use of technology in children’s education, is also a benchmark for the progress of a school.

Therefore, to answer the whole parents problem, PT. Artha Mulia Trijaya / AMT-IT Solution creates a StudyInc application that aims to student activities monitoring.

StudyInc was created as a monitor appliance  of their children’s activities outside the home. This app works with support from schools. Through this application the parents can observe the growth of their children at school, ranging from the value obtained, attendance attendance, school activities, even to the problem of tasks that must be done students at home.