Virtualization Solution Series

Virtualization is changing the way businesses work to become more efficient in the use of the system began, electricity and space. Consolidation of many processes into fewer systems improve utilization and ultimately lower costs. This brings a positive change to the whole business.

Currently virtualization technology has been well established and offers security features and better performance. Especially IT departments feel the use of virtualization is impacting on flexibility, dynamic IT infrastructure, and operational system more simple and controlled with virtualization management. Coupled with easy scalability makes planning in the IT division into precise and measurable better.

In the AMT, Virtualization solution series will provide advisory services to the implementation on the user a more complete and comprehensive.

In this virtualization technology, AMT not only offers a virtualization system but will also to virtualization solutions and network applications. In other words, the virtualization solution offered AMT will be thorough and it also provides support for integration with other solution stack.

AMT virtualization solutions are not only the range of the virtualization system virtualization solution, but also to other IT stack. Here is a virtualization solution on AMT:

  • System Virtualization
  • Storage Virtualization
  • Network Virtualization
  • Application Virtualization