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Backup as a Service

BaaS from AMT IT Solutions

offers fully managed, end-to-end data protection

and data backup in a security-rich environment


Data is essential either for organization or company. Therefore, Backup as a Service to protect your data using On-Premise or On Cloud storage that can be used according to your business needs.

By providing Backup as a Service, AMT IT Solutions commited to protect your data information from user errors, hacking and natural disasters.

Trust us, we are experts!


AMT IT Solutions teams can help simplify your company’s data backup process

Quality & Integrity

We set a high standards quality when it comes to implementing an effective backup strategy and keep trying to improve it. Our backup as a service is designed in such a way so that the investment value customers pay equals the result obtained.

Liability & Honesty

Open communication builds trust, which is the foundation of any relationship whether it’s with our employees or our customers. Our principal is we need to get to know our customers as individuals and learn about their business before starting the process, so we can provide meaningful advice and targeted service.

Ease of Management

AMT IT Solutions backup as a service eases customers’ burden by taking over internal responsibility to monitor and maintain data. Whether you are at the office, at home, or wherever you are, the backup process can be done safely since it is handled directly by our experienced team. Let us do all of the work, while you can sit back, relax, and receive the report.

Why Is Backup as a Service Important?

Data is the essence of any organization. In fact, 60% of companies that experience data loss are closed within six months.Data loss is also a major concern for Software as a Service (SaaS) users since SaaS vendor’s backup policy cannot guarantee a complete and quick data restore process.

The good news is data loss can be avoided by combining SaaS and BaaS which both are provided by AMT IT Solutions.

Backup As a Services

How Does Backup as a Service Work?

Finding the right partner

Storing and maintaining the integrity of data is essential for any business from small sole trader to large multinational company. Therefore, a trusted partner with a good track-record plays an important role to keep data secure while backing up. If your business has not yet made the decision, AMT IT Solutions could be your best option!


Backup solutions have two types of backup storage; on premise and cloud. Therefore, the provider needs to know which storage fits the client’s business by doing assessment. It is a form that will be filled by users to find out their data storage preference, either on premise or on cloud. 

Monitoring backup system

Provider secures operating system backup.  By doing this, the provider will minimize the risk of incorrect backups that may lead into data loss or leakage. After all, there’s nothing worse than feeling safe and sound and then realizing the backup the provider performed of some really important data didn’t actually take place. 

Implementing Backup Strategy

Backup data will be done by the provider according to the agreed schedule by both parties. As you know, data is taking on an increasingly important role, be it as part of business intelligence or sensitive customer data, or simply to meet compliance requirements. That is why a trusted and reputable provider is needed to ensure smooth backup. 

Providing Backup Report

Once it is done, a report containing data that has been successfully backed will be provided by the provider. The report provides detailed information including what was backed up, what can be restored and information about the backup media. Some of the information provided is specific to each backup type.


Backup as a service

Implementing automation technology that can make you focus more on business innovation, without worrying about data loss incidents

Backup as a service

By investing in Backup as a Service, you only need to pays a monthly fee which includes backup, management, and maintenance services

Backup as a service

The data stored through the Backup as a Service is encrypted, so that various risk can be minimized

Backup as a service

The data backup and restore process will always be monitored and handled by our reliable and certified team in the field of data backup and restore. Our team also maintenance backup capacity and performance

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