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AMT IT Solutions as one of Diligent’s official partners. We will provide the best solution that will make it easier for your company to get strategy, progress, and insight into the company’s governance, risk, and compliance, as well as other benefits offered.

Supported by best-in-class features, AMT IT Solutions recommends Audit Management, an end-to-end integrated data-driven solution, which can simplify your company’s 3 lines of defense collaboration workflow. Audit Management by Diligent can help your team to manage company’s risks and controls efficiently!

Strategically manage risk by rapidly identifying, prioritizing and responding to risks wherever they originate. Gain a complete view of your risk landscape and deliver assurance across your organization.

  1. Reduce penalties, identify vulnerabilities and avoid reputational damage – while saving time and resources
  2. Reduce errors by integrating and analyzing disparate sets of data in real time
  3. Guide executive decision-making with a consolidated view of risk

See how Integrated Risk Management from Diligent aligns risk activities across your organization.

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Accelerate performance with a comprehensive enterprise risk management (ERM) software.

  1. Identify, monitor and manage risks across the organization
  2. Continuously evolve your ERM system to improve compliance and elevate public confidence
  3. Easily report on results directly to your board and executives

See how Diligent’s Enterprise Risk Management program turns risk management into a strategic advantage.

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Protect against costly data breaches, penalties and reputational damage with an efficient IT Risk Management tool. Stay ahead of emerging cyber risks and empower executives to make informed risk decisions.

  1. Identify, assess and remediate risk in a single, comprehensive platform
  2. Provide visibility into your organization’s IT risk posture
  3. Reduce the risk of an incident, such as a data breach

See how IT Risk Management software from Diligent bolsters your organization’s resilience.

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Quickly and efficiently assess, monitor, and mitigate the risk posed by a growing number of third parties. From third-party onboarding, assessment and remediation, to performance monitoring and ongoing review, manage the entire process and ensure you remain compliant at all times.

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Use automated workflows to derive the most value from your audits in the least amount of time. Reduce manual tasks while helping your team manage the entire audit lifecycle.

Our audit management solution uniquely connects to any data source and scales to your needs, providing the support your business requires as it grows.

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Efficient internal controls management improves and engages the three lines of defense across your organization by centralizing and automating control testing and workflows.

  1. Pull data from key business applications into a single source of truth
  2. Quickly identify and remediate issues with automated workflows that engage all process owners
  3. Keep executives informed by tracking and reporting all deficiencies within a single platform

See how Internal Controls Management from Diligent can help you deliver a new level of assurance.

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Make it easier to complete annual SOX reporting, UK SOX and J-SOX compliance and certification – all while cutting costs.

  1. Avoid the costs of noncompliance by spotting and remediating issues early
  2. Quickly deliver visibility into process and findings with plug-and-play SOX-tailored dashboards
  3. Increase confidence in compliance with real-time insights

See how Diligent can help you deliver a strategic, best-in-class SOX controls.

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Safeguard against security threats with a unified internal controls framework. Push consistency, continuously monitor and test controls, and provide independent, real-time assurance that risks are managed at every level of the business.

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The Diligent GRC Platform

Make a Greater Impact With a Flexible GRC Platform

Drive better decision-making, increase transparency and integrate all your GRC data into one enterprise-wide source of truth. Empower leaders to make more informed decisions so your organization can perform better – not just for shareholders, but for employees, stakeholders and your community.

Diligent Platform

Risk & Strategy

Surface risks across your organization in a single source of truth so that risk leaders, executives and the board can make better decisions, faster.

Audit & Analytics

Use automated workflows to derive the most value from your audits in the least amount of time. Reduce manual tasks while helping your team manage the entire audit lifecycle.

Compliance & Ethics

Stay on top of regulatory compliance obligations, prioritize your response to changes in regulations and centralize compliance management with a single source of truth for your entire organization.

Built by industry experts who wanted a better way to work

Diligent HighBond streamlines collaboration across organizations, automates repetitive tasks, and delivers best practices in a seamless, award-winning interface — all powered by ACL Robotics and RSAM technology.


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Access all risk management data in a single platform. Automate risk activities to eliminate errors, save on costs and mitigate risk across the value chain. Generate custom dashboards and reports with actionable insights.

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Customize and automate critical workflows to increase productivity and prevent error. Effectively identify and assess risk in real time with integrated analytics.

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Easily integrate data from internal systems of record and third-party providers to eliminate manual pulls, gain organizational alignment, uncover deeper insights, and harness the tools you already use.

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Related Insight

audit management bisa jadi pekerjaan panjang dan melelahkan. Untuk itu, Diligent Audit Management bisa jadi solusi yang Anda butuhkan.


Dalam perencanaan remote auditing yang lebih efektif, tim auditor memerlukan satu platform yang dapat memfasilitasi workflow tim auditor.


Saat ini, ada banyak aplikasi audit manajemen untuk mempermudah Anda melakukan pemeriksaan laporan keuangan hingga catatan pembukuan.


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