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Today’s modern business flows are integrated with applications and data spread across locations. This is inseparable from the implementation of the hybrid model as an operational standard. However, the old challenges between modern and traditional clouds are not disappearing.

AMT IT Solutions together with HPE believe that digital transformation does not need to face big risks. However, it can still provide the best cloud performance wherever your applications and data are located. This allows for complete modernization. For that, here we will be happy to show you how.

You can transform your data management experience with a unique set of innovations involving Artificial Intelligence, performance quality, cloud mobility and proprietary models that you only get from HPE Solutions.

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HPE Alletra powers your data from edge-to-core with the cloud experience for all your apps. For business-critical workloads, HPE Alletra 6000 delivers fast, consistent performance and industry leading data efficiency.

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HPE Alletra is a edge-to-core portfolio designed to deliver the cloud experience wherever data lives. For mission-critical workloads, HPE Alletra 9000 delivers extreme latency sensitivity and reliability.

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HPE SimpliVity 380 gives IT organizations the agility and economics of the cloud with the control and governance of on-premises IT. It delivers a powerhouse Hyperconverged Solution optimized to support the world’s most efficient and resilient data centers.

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HPE Nimble Storage dHCI radically simplifies infrastructure for every application by reimagining HCI without limitations. Built for business-critical apps and mixed workloads, HPE Nimble Storage dHCI enables IT agility while ensuring apps are always-on and always-fast.

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The HPE Apollo 4200 Gen10 server offers an architecture optimized for Big Data Analytics, Software-Defined Storage, backup and archive, and other data storage intensive workloads.

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HPE Nimble Storage menawarkan solusi ruang penyimpanan data dengan teknologi IT yang akan meningkatkan produktivitas dan perkembangan perusahaan Anda.


Dengan memiliki storage, tentunya Anda jadi akan lebih mudah mengelola data-data perusahaan, baik ketika mengaksesnya hingga menyimpannya.


HPE Green Lake adalah solusi berbasis pemakaian yang dapat disesuaikan dengan keperluan pengembangan infrastruktur TI  tanpa perlu lagi memikirkan investasi di permulaan.


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