HPE Nimble Storage

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The HPE Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash array is truly adaptive. It is designed for both Primary and Secondary flash workloads. It is a Hybrid Flash array for mixed, primary workloads, where cost-efficient flash performance is important. It is a Secondary Flash array for backup and DR while allowing you to put your backup data to work.

Now HPE Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash Arrays are NEBS (Network Equipment Building System) certified. The HPE Nimble Storage family of adaptive flash arrays deliver the functionality of two cost-effective flash arrays in one – Hybrid flash and Secondary flash. The new arrays are up to 65% faster than and more than twice as scalable as previous adaptive flash arrays.

The arrays use inline variable block deduplication and compression for maximum data reduction. Adaptive arrays are
designed to deliver business value today and tomorrow as demonstrated by our
timeless storage.

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