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Keep business running with a mobile workforce

Today’s environment is requiring a fundamental shift in the way business is conducted – supporting the ability of employees to work from home. Lenovo client virtualization solutions help address that shift with a range of virtual desktop and virtual application offerings using industry-proven Lenovo hardware combined with software from Citrix® and VMware®. Fully tested across applications, software, hardware, and services, our solutions help streamline IT administration and simplify implementation.

Our Solutions Provide :

  • Simplified desktop administration, support, and management
  • Enhanced security and compliance management
  • Improved availability and reliability
  • Flexibility for users to work anytime and anywhere regardless of device
  • Support for office productivity through graphic-intensive applications


Lenovo Offers a Complete End-to-End Client Virtualization Solution From The Desktop To The Data Center

  • We are the #1 PC maker in the world, offering a wide range of PC, tablets, thin clients and smartphones for end user access. We have a client device for every use case.
  • We offer pre-tested validated designs with industry-leading VDI applications from Citrix and VMware to provide faster time to value.
  • Our hyperconverged server platforms based on Nutanix, VMware and Microsoft virtualization technologies help maximize use of compute and storage resources, lowering the total cost per virtual desktop.

Lenovo Support Services

Around The World & Around The Clock, Our Experts Help Safeguard Your IT Investment – (24/7/365)

Get the ideal support and services your business needs. We offer customized options that meet your specific business and response-time goals, to help simplify your operations.

Welcome To A New Level of Support For The Data Center

Premier Support Services offer direct access to skilled technicians, helping you improve the stability of your data center operations as your business embraces increasingly complex technologies.

You’ll make the most of your technology investment – and be free to focus on bigger goals that give your business a competitive edge.

Other Benefits Include :

  • Faster problem diagnosis and resolution
  • Single point of contact and end-to-end problem resolution via a dedicate Premier Support phone number
  • Live answer by skilled technical experts to resolve your issues quickly 24x7x365
  • Advanced Lenovo technical resources go beyond traditional hardware support
  • Collaborative third-party software support
  • On-Demand Remote System Analysis

You can purchase Premier on top of any warranty upgrade to find a response time that meets your business needs.

Add-On Services

Technical Account Management

Your IT faces growing complexity, increased workloads, infrastructure consolidation, and capacity planning obstacles. To simplify these challenges, a dedicated Technical Account Manager can act as a single point of contact and trusted advisor to help increase performance and efficiency in your data center.

Health Check Services

Lenovo Health Check services help maintain optimal performance and efficiency in your data center. Experienced Lenovo consultants will perform a thorough assessment of our status.

Enterprise Server Software Support

We’ll troubleshoot your entire server software stack to simplify service cases, provide predictable costs, and help eliminate the frustration of typical software support. Our experienced consultants will perform a thorough assessment of the current status of your firmware, HX Series Nutanix Clusters, SAP HANA or Hypervisor/Linux infrastructure.

Asset Recovery

Stay in compliance with technology disposal regulations and best practices when your Lenovo hardware reaches the end of its useful life.

  • Recycle and dispose of hardware assets responsibly, via Lenovo’s audited processing facilities
  • Web-based portal delivers a reliable and consistent customer experience.

Situasi saat ini menuntut perusahaan untuk melakukan pergeseran fundamental yang memungkinkan karyawan bekerja dari rumah. Memahami hal ini, Lenovo client virtualization solutions menghadirkan serangkaian virtual desktop dan virtual application yang menggabungkan hardware dari Lenovo dan software dari Citrix dan VMware. Telah diuji di berbagai aplikasi, software, hardware, dan services, solusi yang kami tawarkan mampu membantu merampingkan administrasi dan menyederhanakan implementasi IT Anda.

Solusi Yang Kami Tawarkan:

  • Menyederhanakan administrasi, support, dan management desktop.
  • Meningkatkan keamanan dan kepatuhan management.
  • Meningkatkan availability dan reliability.
  • Fleksibilitas bagi pengguna untuk bekerja kapanpun dan dimanapun.
  • Meningkatkan produktivitas office melalui graphic-intensive applications.

Lenovo Menawarkan Complete End-to-End Client Virtualization Solution Dari Desktop Ke Data Center

  • Kami selaku produsen PC #1 di dunia, menawarkan berbagai PC, tablet, thin clients dan smartphones untuk end user access.
  • Kami menawarkan desain tervalidasi yang telah diuji dengan aplikasi VDI dari Citrix dan MWare sehingga jadi lebih hemat waktu.
  • Hyperconverged server platforms milik kami berbasis Nutanix, VMware dan Microsoft virtualization technologies yang mampu memaksimalkan penggunaan compute dan storage resources, serta memangkas total biaya per virtual desktop.

Lenovo Support Services

Tersebar di seluruh dunia tenaga ahli kami siap membantu memelihara Investasi IT Anda (24/7/365)

Bersama kami, dapatkan support dan services ideal yang diperlukan perusahaan Anda. Kami menawarkan opsi kustomisasi yang bisa disesuaikan dengan bisnis secara spesifik, untuk membantu menyederhanakan operasional Anda.

Dapatkan New Level Support Untuk Data Center Anda

Premier Support Services menawarkan akses direct kepada teknisi berpengalaman yang bisa membantu meningkatkan stabilitas operasional data center Anda seiring bertambahnya kompleksitas teknologi perusahaan.

Dengan begini, Anda bisa memaksimalkan investasi teknologi dan lebih fokus memikirkan bigger goals agar bisnis Anda kian kompetitif.

Keuntungan Lainnya Meliputi:

  • Diagnosis dan resolusi masalah yang lebih cepat.
  • Single point of contact dan end-to-end problem resolution bisa dihubungi melalui nomor khusus Premier Support.
  • Masalah dijawab langsung oleh teknisi berpengalaman dengan cepat selama 24x7x365.
  • Adanya dukungan sumber daya teknis Lenovo yang terkenal canggih terhadap hardware tradisional Anda.
  • Adanya dukungan third-party software yang kolaboratif.
  • Menyediakan analisis sistem jarak jauh sesuai permintaan.

Anda bisa mendapatkan Premier on top of any warranty upgrades untuk menemukan waktu tanggap (response time) yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan bisnis Anda.

Add-on Services

Technical Account Management

Seiring bertambahnya kompleksitas IT Anda, workload, konsolidasi infrastruktur, dan hambatan perencanaan kapasitas pun ikut meningkat. Untuk menyederhanakan ini semua, Technical Account Manager bisa bertindak sebagai single point of contact dan penasehat terpercaya guna membantu meningkatkan kinerja dan efisiensi data center Anda.

Lenovo Health Check Services membantu menjaga kinerja dan efisiensi data center Anda agar tetap optimal. Konsultan Lenovo yang berpengalaman akan melakukan penilaian menyeluruh terhadap status Anda.

Enterprise Server Software Support

Kami akan menyelesaikan masalah seluruh server software stack Anda untuk menyederhanakan services cases, memberikan prediksi biaya, dan membantu mengeliminasi  frustration of typical software support. Konsultan berpengalaman kami akan melakukan penilaian menyeluruh terhadap status firmware, HX Series Nutanix Clusters, SAP HANA atau Hypervisor/Linux infrastructure Anda saat ini.

Asset Recovery

Patuhi regulasi pengelolaan limbah teknologi terutama saat hardware Lenovo Anda telah mencapai akhir masa pakainya.

  • Recycle dan kelola aset hardware secara hati-hati, melalui audited processing facilities milik Lenovo.
  • Hadirnya web-based portal memberikan pengalaman yang andal dan konsisten kepada pelanggan.