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Distributed workforces. More IoT devices. Operational complexity.
Aruba’s mission is about one thing—creating the connections that drive business and the world.

Distributed workforces. More IoT devices. Operational complexity.

AMT IT Solutions as a company engaged in the IT Infrastructure sector is committed to supporting the development of your company and organization so that they can continue to adapt to digital transformation.

AMT IT Solutions as an official partner of Aruba Networks provides a wide selection of solutions that you can use to meet the network needs of every employee in your company.

Enabling more connected devices and with faster speeds, Aruba’s Instant On wireless access points offer options to meet any need at an attractive price. From the office, to the parking lot, and everywhere in between, you won’t experience dropped calls when moving around. You can also expect the same reliable signal strength no matter what device you’re using.

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Aruba controllers and gateways offer enterprise-class features that allow organizations to optimize Wi-Fi and Wired Segmentation experiences for end-users. Capabilities include high-performance traffic and data routing, IPSec tunnel termination for both VPN clients and site to site, role-based access point, Per-User firewalling, Dynamic Segmentation.

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Deployed as a Virtual Appliance (VA), the Mobility Controller (MC-VA) runs on ArubaOS 8 and provides a flexible deployment alternative to hardware mobility controllers and gateways (72xx and 7xxx). The VA form factor allows deployment of Aruba WLAN and remote site capabilities on specialized hardware where size weight and power are of concern, often in the tactical environment.

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A next generation WLAN orchestration platform that can be deployed as hardware or virtual appliances (VA). The Aruba Mobility Conductor provides orchestration of up to 10,000 Controllers and Access Points and management of up to 100,000 client devices. The Mobility Conductor features high availability with hitless failover in an unlikely event of a controller outage. It also supports live upgrades of managed devices with no downtime and automatic RF optimization for high density environments.

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An integrated security framework for networking and security teams that provides visibility and network control, for the devices and users that connect from anywhere. Aruba combines security components across the campus, branch and cloud-connected network infrastructure for added security, advanced threat detection and response, and secure network access control. Protects millions of users and IoT devices, and the vast amounts of distributed data generated today.

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A secure SD-WAN is the foundational component for architecting a secure access service edge (SASE), powering branch, WAN, and security.

Embrace WAN and security transformation to realize the maximum return from your cloud investments. SASE, or Secure Access Service Edge moves the industry in this new direction.

  1. Achieve highest level of application performance under any network conditions using an adaptive, self-learning platform.
  2. Protect against threats with always on Zero Trust security that seamlessly extends to ecosystem of cloud SSE providers for full SASE
  3. Deliver consistent end-to-end security policy enforcement across the entire enterprise
  4. Centrally manage with a single platform that unifies SD-WAN, security, routing, and WAN optimization.

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From small to large organizations, Aruba’s comprehensive switching portfolio includes solutions that are ideal for access, aggregation, core, and the data center. Next-gen Aruba CX (AOS-CX) switching software and portfolio with fixed ports or modular chassis that offer non-blocking speeds from 1GbE to 100GbE.

This provides the flexibility to start with a needed port count and scale to full-density switches as you grow – all with the built-in automation and analytics that your business and IT team requires.

Features include high resiliency redundant management, fabric, power, and fans and industry-standard high power PoE and HPE Smart Rate multi-gigabit ports.

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A cloud-based networking solution with AI-powered insights, workflow automation, and edge-to-cloud security that empowers IT to manage and optimize campus, branch, remote, data center, and IoT networks from one dashboard.

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A cloud hosted network service assurance solution designed to find network and application issues, and provide troubleshooting and optimization guidance to improve the day-to-day user experience. With on-site sensors, UXI conducts synthetic network and application monitoring and testing from the edge to the cloud that is instantly viewable from a simple-to-use web dashboard.

Sensors are needed for on-premises use – per location or area.

G-Series: integrated Wi-Fi, Gigabit Ethernet, Cellular, and Bluetooth 5
F-Series: integrated Wi-Fi, Gigabit Ethernet, and Cellular

Available 1, 3, or 5-year subscriptions; licensed per managed sensor.

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A traditional multivendor network operations system for enterprise-grade wired and wireless infrastructure management and monitoring. Includes granular app, RF, and connectivity analytics with insight that allows for streamlined and centrally managed troubleshooting and controls.

Available in hardware or virtual appliances; licensed per managed network device.

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Authenticate, authorize, and enforce secure network access control with role-based network policies based on Zero Trust Security. IT can easily create and deploy BYOD workflows so that authorized employees and contractors can use their devices on secure networks. Built-in certificate authority provides secure logins on Windows, MacOS X, iOS, Ubuntu, Chromebook, and Android devices.

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Aruba’s portfolio of industry-leading wireless, wired, SD-WAN, security, and management solutions deliver the services that your organization depends on to create innovative digital experiences.

Aruba has repeatedly been recognized by third party analysts as a leader in Wi-Fi 6, switching, SD-Branch, and a visionary in Data Center Networking. The world’s largest companies rely on us to provide a secure, AI-powered edge services platform that spans across campus, branch, data center, and remote working environments for a single operational experience.

Aruba also allows customers to consume our portfolio using cloud networking, as software-as-a-service (SaaS), or as a network-as-a-service (NaaS) model, such as : Aruba Access Point, Switches, Gateway & Controller, Network Management, SD WAN, Analytics & Assurance


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Aruba Instant On adalah penyedia access point untuk UMKM dalam melakukan operasional yang membutuhkan akses internet seperti online shop dan sejenisnya.


Sebagai sebuah access switch, produk besutan Aruba yang satu ini tidak hanya berfungsi sebagai penghubung antara perangkat endpoint dengan jaringan.


Aruba Instant On menyediakan solusi yang memudahkan pengguna agar para pelaku UMKM lebih mudah dalam menjalankan transformasi digital


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