Bring On Your Digital Transformation Infrastructure with AMT, ECS, & Huawei

Tuesday, 15 December 2020 – Bogor, West Java. Located at the Novotel Hotel, Bogor West Java, AMT, ECS, and Huawei had the opportunity to collaborate to provide a new understanding of the development of the digital era. “The fast-moving transformation, as well as the work process, which initially used a traditional system, is now transforming into a digital direction. This is one of the new solutions for the company’s business sustainability, ”said Ivan Raditya, as a Marketing & Solution Sales Department Huawei.

“Digital transformation is a new path for companies who want to remain competitive in their industry,” said Yuli Handayani, as a Sales Director of AMT IT Solutions in her speech. In this event, the collaboration of the three technology companies saw good things that have happened to the banking, retail, manufacturing, media, hospitality, education, and transportation industries around the world.

15 Dec 2020

The success of this event was also supported by the Hotel Information Technology Association Bogor (HITA Bogor). Alex, as a Founder of HITA Bogor, said, “The success of the digital work process depends on all of us being able to adapt. Changing the process of working from traditional to digital does require time to learn. “

The participant of this event was attended by various industries. However, generally, the participants who attended were more from the hospitality industry. The participants who attended seemed enthusiastic about the event entitled Transformation Infrastructure, as seen from the many questions to the speakers.

Huawei, as the largest supplier of telecommunications and network equipment in China and the world, has reminded the importance of adapting to the digital world. “Leave your traditional working and move on now.” Said Ivan.

AMT IT Solutions, represented by Mexvico Arian, as a Sales Manager, said that “The current digital era will help you to improve your quality and make it easier for companies to get new business opportunities.

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