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Trijaya Outing – Infinity Care 2 November 2018 Trijaya Outing -Infinity Care 2018 Bogor 2-3 November 2018, Trijaya Corp held an outing with the theme […]

Trijaya Outing – Infinity Care

StudyInc GESS 29 September 2018 Studyinc Launching @GlobalEducationalSupplies&SolutionsIndonesia event In this time, many parents work all day and have activities outside. They do not know […]

StudyInc GESS

Acer – AMT Gathering 25 October 2018 Thursday 7 June 2018, Located in After Hour Sarinah, Jakarta. The event  were held  by  Indonesia ACER Indonesia […]

Acer – AMT Gathering